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It takes more than promises to be a good representative. Promises, no matter how well intended, may not get fulfilled for a variety of reasons. A City Councilor must navigate the hurdles of government, work to gain a consensus among fellow Councilors, address key legal issues and budgetary concerns, and balance the good of the District with the needs of the City as a whole. What might sound good as a "sound byte" during an election might not make sense once a Councilor is elected and learns of the true impact of that promise. This is a valuable lesson that Barbara Haller has taken to heart through her experience on the City Council.

It takes experience that comes with doing the job. Many quick fixes are proposed or implemented in response to key issues and are often an extreme reaction rather than a sustainable solution. Quick fixes are only a temporary patch that in time will not hold, and most often do not address the root causes. Looking toward viable long-term solutions is essential, a vision that Barbara Haller values and has demonstrated through her representation.

It takes leadership and a strong voice in both the District and City. But, it also takes respected qualities to work well with others. Not all issues are addressed in the spotlight of the media. Often times maneuvering and discussions occur without the media's presence to address issues one on one with key players. What you see in the media is most often not the entire picture.

It takes knowledge of the community and the issues that are important to you. Barbara Haller is a homeowner and former business owner in the District 4 community and, through her community ties and direct representation has gained a unique knowledge of issues and worked hard to come up with fair and sustainable solutions.

It takes a good grasp of municipal finances and policies. The workings of City Government can often be an unknown or misunderstood phenomenon. Through her representation, Barbara Haller has taken time to educate constituents on the workings of government to empower citizens to work together toward positive change.

It takes a total commitment to making our community safe and vibrant and the knowledge to do that. The City cannot do this without the help and cooperation of those within the neighborhood. Too often residents do not get involved in their community, will sit by and watch it deteriorate, and only when it hits bottom will they stand up and lay blame. A proactive approach is necessary to avert deterioration of our neighborhoods through resident involvement, community policing, and neighboring interactions. Barbara has worked diligently toward bringing communities together to address problems within their respective neighborhoods.

It takes a caring, experienced person like Barbara Haller to be the best representative District 4 can have. Barbara's record speaks for itself. Click on the topics above to find out how Barbara handles the issues that are important to you.

What matters most to you. Please let us know.

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