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Haller Wins Fourth Term on Council

It is with a sense of deep felt appreciation and community pride for our great City that I seek reelection to the Worcester City Council for District 4. I have truly enjoyed serving as a Council Member these past years and believe I have been an engaged and effective member of the City Council who has worked hard to sustain and improve the quality of life we enjoy in Worcester.

I believe that District 4 must continue to be represented by a councilor who embraces grassroots participation, not merely tolerates it. The District 4 councilor must enjoy working with people to reach long lasting solutions, rather than seeing it only as part of the job description. District 4 must have a councilor who believes in getting the job done by rolling up her sleeves and becoming part of the solution.

I believe that I have demonstrated the success of this style of leadership. We need only to look at our progress over the past year in College Hill, South Worcester, Green Island, Piedmont, Arts District, Elm Park, Main South: neighborhood planning groups, business associations, new housing, renovated housing, strong crime watch groups. Working with the Neighborhood Cabinet and the City Administration we have made good progress to rid the streets of abandoned cars and litter, to enforce parking regulations, and to cite code violators, especially for overflowing dumpsters. Working with the City Manager's Commission on Homelessness, we have seen improvements with the People in Peril (PIP) operations.

District Four faces many opportunities and many challenges. I recommit to prioritizing issues of public safety, housing, and neighborhood revitalization as the District Four Councilor. I recommit to protecting residential homeowners under tax classification to a fair tax rate. I recommit to following through on initiatives such as the South Worcester Industrial Park, the Route 146 Project, the Arts District, Weed and Seed, and a Downtown Development Plan that meets and includes the housing and economic development needs of our neighborhoods. Most importantly, I pledge to continue to insist that neighborhood is represented at all decision-making tables and to continue to maintain a leadership style based on inclusion.

Similar to 2001, my decision to enter the race for District 4 is founded in optimism and belief that, despite the many barriers to progress, I have and can make a positive difference. I believe that my record of involvement in the district will convince District 4 residents that a vote for me is a vote to continue the momentum of improving the quality of life for all of us and moving forward together.

I am committed to our community and will continue to emphasize:

Delivering exceptional city services in a cost efficient and effective fashion.
Providing for the future of our city and its residents by encouraging infrastructure investments that balance need with affordability.
Directing redevelopment of our city so as to maximize the variety of housing choices for our citizens through their life cycle.
Connecting with our youth by supporting programs that encourage and value their involvement.
Developing traffic and transportation strategies that allow Worcester to better control the increasing congestion caused by the shrinking capacity of our regional roadway systems.

As your City Councilor, I will continue careful review all City issues to reach the most beneficial and fair decisions for all Citizens.

I ask for your vote to continue serving you as Worcester City Councilor for District 4.


Moving Forward


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